2022 Christmas In July
Scavenger Hunt

Blacktop Trial Confederacy Riding Club in bringing to you the 2nd Annual Christmas in July. We are benefitting the Florida United Methodist Children's Home, Enterprise, FL. This children's home has 55 full time residents ages 5-17 years of age. We will have boxes located at the stops of the event (The Alibi, The Wet Spot, Shay's Airport Lounge and Shovelhead). You can drop off any items for the children's home: Craft kits, baseball caps, water bottles, men's sunglasses, Pokemon cards, science kits, model kits, radio clocks and goggles/sunglasses. The monies donated to the event will be used to purchase these items and more for the kids.


When you register at The Alibi, you will be given a list of items to find. You will have to take a selfie with each item on the list. When you purchase a beverage at each stop, you will be given a riddle to solve. Each riddle is worth extra points. At Shovelhead your points will be tallied. This is a self-paced event.

Xmas in July 2022 Small flyer 1.1.jpg