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Message from the President John Stalzer

One is too many began as a dream to assist Veterans in need.  It is a personal thing for me.  I had a very close friend, closer than any other I have ever had.  We grew up together and both entered the US Navy at the same time.  We followed different career paths but as luck would have it, we ended up stationed in Norfolk together though on different ships.  During the war we both got injured and both were sent home and fell into the VA care system.  We both went into the construction field; he became an engineer and I an architectural designer.  We both got married, both had a couple kids, both had everything you could ask for as a homelife.  But we also carried the scars from the military and the physical pain that comes with our injuries.  In 2016 my friend took his own life.  He never said a word, nor gave any indication that he was in the dark place.  Six years have passed and I still feel the sting as if it were fresh today.


I vowed to do something to help other veterans so their families and friends would never have to endure the pain I and his family still feel to this day.  Jenifer was the catalyst to help me see this through. Without her I don’t know that my desire would ever have come to fruition.  She helped start the original non-profit and took care of all the paperwork to make it legal and a real entity to assist others where we can.  One is too many has done some amazing things since then.  Things I am very proud of.


Shortly after, BTC was formed and went through some heavy growing pains as all new ventures do.  We currently have some of the best people I have ever had the honor of calling friends involved.  BTC has grown into a full-fledged riding club in its own right.  We have adopted bylaws to govern our organization, elected officers to carry out various responsibilities, and provide a presence in the community in a good light.  Then we merged one is too many with BTC rc as a fully incorporated non-profit business.  And it is a business, we are a brand.  We are something we all should be proud of.


Born of a tragedy and forged into an organization that has done so much in the little time we have had, is phenomenal.

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